Ancella Nera

This is a historical wine of the Baccichetto family selection, created following an intuition our Granddad,Sisto, had in the eighties. The name Ancella, which translates into handmaiden, evokes the rich red grapes the wine is made out of and the way it swirls sinuously in the glass. Nera emphasizes its deep red colour.

Red berry grapes whose uniqueness is to have a deep coloured pulp.

Ponte di Piave, via Salute.

Low environmental impact integrated pest control as a replacement for systemic pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
The grapes are harvested when overripe and slightly dry on the plant.

Cold pre-fermentation maceration at 13°C.

Cold fermentation at 22 °C for 15 days. A selection of the pressings is employed. The wine remains in stainless steel until December.

This wine can be described as having a very deep and intense red colour. The impact in the mouth is fruity with flavours of blueberry, bramble and wild berries. On the palate it is dense, supple and appealing. The finish is pleasingly fruity with hints of cocoa and jam.

When young it makes a great dessert wine, perfect with fruits tarts, biscotti and pastries. Interesting when paired with chocolate. Most enjoyable served at the end of a meal or simply on its own for sipping.

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