It is here in Ponte di Piave that our devotion to the land has been handed down from father to sons.

Sisto, our grandfather, was one of the few to understand the intrinsic nature of the land and take up the challenge. A legacy which then passed down through the generations of Casa Baccichetto.

Fine wine is made by a special bunch.

First in the bunch is Franco, who with utmost passion and care looks after and preserves the roots of the family estate and winery.

Fine wine is made by a special bunch.

Luigina, Franco’s wife, is lovingly committed to the land. Dedication and loyalty they have passed down to their three sons. Andrea, the eldest, and skilled oenologist, has picked up responsibility from Franco, managing the vineyards and overseeing the wine production.
Marco manages the marketing and business development activities, balancing tradition and innovation. Enrico, the youngest, lends a great hand working alongside his parents and his two brothers with youthful enthusiasm and energy.

We enrich the soil of the vineyards with mulch of vine wood chips and marc, and grow grass between the rows. We are able to harvest healthy grapes, which are perfect for wholesome, sapid wines.

Each generation of Casa Baccichetto has been enthralled by the earthly feeling given by the land and soil, pruning vines and finally harvesting the grapes.

In the winery we prefer stainless steel and low temperatures. All the aromas of the harvested grapes are preserved with low temperature maceration, and enhanced by fermentation in stainless steel tanks.

Every wine expresses its own unique aroma and character.

Our respect for the land and its fruits has translated into avoiding any invasive treatment in the vineyards.

Indeed, in recent years we have noticed increased populations of bees and beneficial insects, so precious for our land. A uniquely important biodiversity, we want to protect.