Organic Pasta di Gragnano DOP Paccheri Lisci

Organic Italian Pasta di Gragnano.

Paccheri di Gragnano DOP 500 grams

In Neapolitan pacchero means slap. The name should be traced back to the greater breadth of this format than the others, which recalls the gesture of a slap, but others argue that the name derives from the noise produced when they are mixed together with the sauce.

The Gragnano factor
The relationship between white art and the Gragnano area has lasted for at least 500 years; the town has been recognized as the capital of pasta since the mid 1800s.
Today the Pasta of Gragnano DOP represents a flagship of Italian products exported around the world and that is why our company is always attentive to the final result and customer satisfaction. In Italy, DOP (protected designation of origin) signifies that a culinary product has been made in a specific area by local farmers and artisans using traditional methods.

Dimension: ⊣60mm⊢
Die: ⊘ 28mm
Cooking time: ♨︎ 13 minutes
Weight: ⚖︎ 500 gr.
Packaging: ⚒︎ Cellophane and Paper

CATEGORY Pasta from Gragnano (L’Oro di Gragnano)
LINE the IGP Classics