Organic Pasta di Gragnano DOP Spaghettoni

In Italy, DOP (protected designation of origin) signifies that a culinary product has been made in a specific area by local farmers and artisans using traditional methods. 
Pasta di Gragnano DOP is a dry pasta obtained from a mixture of durum wheat flour & water from the local aquifer of Gragnano, near Naples. It is produced only in the hillside town Gragnano, near Naples, using local water & bronze dies. The aroma is of ripe wheat & an amazing enticing aroma while cooking. Crafted from durum wheat & local water (the specific mineral content makes a difference). Gragnano Spaghettoni is a thick version of spaghetti & is made from traditional varieties of organic Italian durum wheat. It holds the prestigious Protected Geographical Indication certification (I.G.P.). It’s crafted using an artisanal process which uses rough bronze dies & dries the pasta at low temperatures in the local mountain air. The drying often takes 2 days!

The result is a high quality, perhaps longer- cooking pasta, with a rough surface which better absorbs the flavor of the sauces. Pasta to dry outdoors in the early 1900s The Antonio Massa srl pasta factory is a bronze-drawn artisan pasta manufacturer, with the current production capacity of 15q per day, constantly growing & with about 75 different formats. Our production is based on drying methods in static cells with advanced techniques that manage to maintain the quality standard of when the pasta dried in the streets of the country, in the open air. One of our dreams is to bring our history, our flavors, but above all our ancient tradition of pasta makers all over the world. Precisely for this reason, in all foreign stores, where possible, we organize seminars aimed at making the product of the slow-drying bronze-drawn artisan pasta known in detail. Gragnano, in the province of Naples, a corner of paradise located between the blue sea of Castellammare di Stabia and the beautiful green of the monti lattari, was built with the intention of manufacturing pasta, a city now famous all over the world for its artisan pasta bronze extruded of the highest quality.

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Dimension: ⊣280mm⊢
Die: ⊘ 1.7 mm
Cooking time: ♨︎ 8 minutes
Weight: ⚖︎ 500 gr.
Packaging: ⚒︎ Cellophane
CATEGORY Organic Pasta (The Wheat Soul)
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