Organic Pasta di Gragnano DOP Penne Rigate

Dimensione: ⊣25mm⊢
Trafila: ⊘ 6mm
Tempo di Cottura: ♨︎  10 minuti
Peso: ⚖︎ 500 gr.
Confezione: ⚒︎ Cellophane e Carta

Penne smooth and striped DOP from Gragnano.

Gragnano, the birthplace of dry pasta, is a small town perched on a hill in sunny Campania, where bronze-extruded shapes dry naturally and slowly in the Mediterranean breeze. The resulting Pasta di Gragnano DOP, with its signature rough texture, distinct flavor, and al dente bite, is definitely a reason to believe in the magic of flour and wate