“The winery sits in the heart of the province of Treviso, on the left bank of the Piave as it cuts across the plain in an area tightly bound to the history of this great river. With painstaking management of the production cycle and careful application of modern technologies the Cantina has won numerous prizes and awards from wine events including The International Wine Award at Vinitaly in Verona (Italy), the National Selection of Wines for Fish in Ancona (Italy) and a regional award from Enoconegliano. The company has also achieved ISO 9001-2000 certification. In 1969 eleven founders came together to create the Cooperativa Agricola La Salute. It was its President Davide Drusian who baptised the winery, taking the name from a small village in nearby Ponte di Piave which was dedicated to the Salute di Venezia in the 16th century. From the beginning the winery was housed in the Case Bressan where the first wines were made by the courageous pioneers Sante Bressan, Davide Drusian, Guido Marcassa, Samuele Zanchetta and Livio Buso.”


The story of Cantina La Salute starts with a rebirth, part of the long history of the social and cultural re-development of Italy and the Veneto following the two World Wars. They’re a small group of wine producers who’ve been working together for more than 40 years along the valley of the River Piave in the Province of Treviso. Based on their history, they have made it their mission to produce wines which express their values and truly represent the quality of the land. From the vines to the table, the painstaking care and proven experience of their winery manager alongside the dedication of their whole team makes them uniquely able to understand the tastes and needs of those who choose their wines. In the wine bars, restaurants, bars, hotels or directly with consumers they do their utmost to satisfy the desires of those who want a bottle of fine wine for their table. Today the direct relationship they have with their customers brings them to well-known tables and prestigious wine lists in Italy and across the world. They focus on constantly perfecting their processes and production methodologies and regularly exhibit at trade fairs, culinary events, wine tours and tastings.  


This area perfect by nature and filled with a rich wine-making heritage is home to a diverse group of varieties, all of which find their ideal conditions here. The type of grape grown is established based on the individual characteristics of the vineyard or on the passion of the wine-maker for a particular variety. The vineyards tended by their associates are located in the towns of Ponte di Piave, Monastier, Zenson, Biancade and San Polo di Piave.
“Between the Venice Lagoon and the province of Treviso, between the sea and the Prealps, there lies a vast, fertile plain. Sands, shale and clay make up the soil which is irrigated by deep veins of water. And the roots of the rural community run deep too. These are noble lands populated by proud, hard-working farmers as can be seen from the magnificent patrician villas with their elegant farm buildings and the characteristic farmhouses immersed in the vines. It was the long reign of the Venetian Empire – the Serenissima – that led to the growth in wine making here. The lagoon city sold wines from the Piave area in great quantities in its bars and Bàcari. There followed Italian unification and then the Conegliano School of Oenology became a driving force for innovation following the two World Wars. The impact of the First, the Great War, was most felt here, leaving behind desolate lands and abandoned vineyards. Following the heroism of the Battle of the River Piave the courage and resistance of the Piave people came to the fore as they worked tirelessly for the rebirth of their home. Since then there have been constant improvements in the quality and refinement of the local produce. This is an area certain to captivate anyone who visits with its unrivalled combination of great food and wine, history and beauty.
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