The Viviani family cultivates on six hectares of vineyards in the Mazzano area in the classic Valpolicella. The exposure of the vineyards (South-South East) and their altitude (350-450 m.) Guarantee the best environmental conditions for the cultivation of the vine. To these are added the ventilated position and the low humidity that favor the drying of the grapes, from which the Recioto and Amarone are obtained. The Viviani Family has proposed to enhance with its work the characteristics of its own fund: above all, by using in the vineyard the cultivation practices that allow the vine to reach a fundamental equilibrium for the qualities of the grapes. Which means a progressive abandonment of synthetic products (herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers) so that today the Viviani Agricultural Company is able to participate in the EEC 2078 directive for environmentally friendly agriculture. Furthermore, by extending this approach to the practices of the winery, the Viviani Family uses modern technologies respecting the raw material and the most authentic regional tradition.