“Our land gives emotions. Our talent is to know how to recognize and study them so that they can finally be introduced into the bottle, working with dedication and wisdom every one of its fruits.We are currently able to satisfy thousands of customers all over Italy and in Europe. We are a small company, but that produces quality wines.The production is concentrated on two lines: Vini Vidisè and Bergamo Vini.
The first, intended for the general public, are the simple traditional wines that are able to satisfy every palate.The Bergamo Vini line instead includes wines with more elaborate structure and processing. They are part of both the classics such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, revised in a more fruity look, but also our blends and Crù: 207, Napi and the magnificent Tefà.”

The farm has always been about the enhancement of the territory of the summer, in particular or the optimization of the quality of its production. Has been established with the commitment to the techniques of the integrated agriculture system, and has been established by the oenologists. This process is constantly monitored through the systematic checks of the product, starting from the ripening of the grapes until its harvest.