Mèroe Vino Spumante METODO CLASSICO – Tenuta Spinelli

Brilliant golden reflections on the straw yellow goblet, with fine and persistent bubbles. Intense, mostly floral brownies. Flavors of yeast, crust of bread and toasted wood. Soft mouth with a pleasant fresh, pleasant taste.

VITIGNO: 100% pecorino
EARRING: 65 Q \ ha
HUNTING: Manual picking in cassette after selection of bunches in the last week of August.
VINIFICATION: Soft pressing is carried out after harvesting. The must thus obtained is allowed to ferment at controlled temperature in steel barrels. In the spring of the base wine, selected sugars and yeasts are added (liquer de tirage) and subsequently bottled. The bottles are placed horizontally lined at a constant temperature where they will remain for at least 24 months for the foam. Subsequently, the bottles go to the remuage phase (on pupitres) with the aim of removing the stained sediment from the bottlenecks and leading it to the cap of the inverted bottle. Then follows the degorgement step (bottlenecks), the bottles will be replenished by adding a small dose of expedition liqueur. The sparkling wine is stuck and left to rest for a few months before sale.
ALCOHOL: 13% Vol
Pairing: Pasta with ham and chestnuts

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