Cantine Vallebelbo

The territory

The 500 hectares of vineyards are flourishing at the border of the provinces of Cuneo and Asti, at the North East Langhe, boundless hills so dear to writers like Cesare Pavese, who was actually born in S.Stefano Belbo, and of Beppe Fenoglio, are the inspiring source and often the background of their best literary works.

Hills made up of blue grey marl and sandstone rock mixed with infinite layers, raised from the seas twenty million years ago and eroded in the years until a territory so various and inaccessible was generated, picturesque e changeable in lights and colours with the seasons, which has found in the stoical and stubborn work of man an ideal balance to its untidy geology, finally becoming a rare and admirable example of rational integration between nature and agriculture.

Nothing better than vineyards could and can grow on these hills; nothing can, better than Moscato, gather the light and the warmth of the sun on these arid and steep sides, summarising it in a nectar by an inimitable scent; nothing better than these vineyards can refine the profiles, the slopes, the valleys and the hills, multiplying infinite geometries and landscapes, a real kaleidoscope of images climbing the hills until evidently standing out on the ridges against the severe ledge of the Alps.