Tenuta Di Angoris

  370 anni di storia Parlare di Angoris significa parlare di un luogo che ha fatto la storia del nostro territorio, entrare in uno spazio dove si può ammirare lo scorrere del tempo degli ultimi quattro secoli e incontrare la storia dell’enologia di questa regione. Speaking of Angoris means talking about a place that has […]

Azienda Agricola Viviani

    The Viviani family cultivates on six hectares of vineyards in the Mazzano area in the classic Valpolicella. The exposure of the vineyards (South-South East) and their altitude (350-450 m.) Guarantee the best environmental conditions for the cultivation of the vine. To these are added the ventilated position and the low humidity that favor […]

Cantine De Falco, Puglia

  THE CANTINE DE FALCO WINERY: COMPANY’S OUTLINE For over half century we have been producing high quality wines, joining to the traditional craftmanship of wine-making the innovation of high-tech production’s methods. Our company is located in Novoli, a place in the heart of Salento’s wine producing area at few kilometers far from Lecce. Our […]

Azienda Agricola Vignacci

  Passion and devotion A family, a unique terroir and the passion for its soil… The Azienda Agricola Vignacci is located inside one of the most suggestive pieces of Tuscany, between hills covered by wheat and others which host hectares of vines. Since long time the Monaci’s family, Gabriella, Fabio and their son Cristian Monaci, […]

Vinicola del Sannio

  WORK AND PASSION La Vinicola del Sannio was born in 1960 from the farsighted and passionate project of the founder Pasquale Pengue. THE SANNIO The company, which takes its name from the historical region in which it is located, is born in a space with an evocative landscape, rich in archaeological, historical and cultural […]

Societa Agricola Bergamo Vini

“Our land gives emotions. Our talent is to know how to recognize and study them so that they can finally be introduced into the bottle, working with dedication and wisdom every one of its fruits.We are currently able to satisfy thousands of customers all over Italy and in Europe. We are a small company, but […]